Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweets at my desk

Parihar Sweets,
No 157,
Parihar Chowk,
Pune 411007

Read the address on the bhakarwadi cover. Seeing the address made me so happy. Don't know why, but a sense of belonging came in. I was happy for 2 reasons.
One a total stranger gives me a pack of bhakarwadi, second the more obvious one, BHAKARWADI.

I was breaking my head over some stupid thing in office at night. Was bored to death. Most dependable BB comes to my rescue. I see a post by one claiming to be very happy going to Pune and also willing to help others by taking anything anybody wanted to send to Pune. As usual I reply telling can you get back something, and guess what he agrees to get me sweets from Pune.

I forgot about this for some time now. After almost 2 months I get a 'Hi, I got sweets for you from Pune' in my messenger. I was surprised that person actually got me sweets while I was pulling his legs. A total stranger to me gives me sweets today.
I could not thank him enough. So thought of dedicating this a blog entry to him.
Thanks BNR

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye

Chandni jab tak raat
Deta har koi saat
Par jab ho andhera
tum na chodna mera haat