Thursday, April 9, 2009

The annoying ones

Every photographer has experienced this atleast once in his life. You come across this special species. They are named 'the annoying ones', who wanna try to get on the newspaper by bugging. They can be found anywhere and everywhere. Everytime I go out photographing I find them. They come with those innocent questions, but they really bug, or even sometimes hurt.

The ones I have encountered till date...
Every time I take my lens out for the trip, there is some one who asks me,
Sir how much 'yex' zoom does this lens have. (sadly its a 0x zoom lens)

Then there are the ones who want to know which channel I am from. One of my friends once said he is a freelance, to which he got the reply ' Ohh that one!!! Its a very good paper'

Then there are the ones who ask, 'Saar, how much did you spend on this camera and lens.' comeonnnn... I haven't told my dad how much it costs, what do you expect. Then once I had told a lakh, For which I got an even amusing reply. he laughs sarcastically, Saar see this camera, I paid only 6K and I have a 7X zoom. Did you not know about this. Its very compact as well, and cheaper than your bukly dumbell.

There are the ones who want ot take a peak and see what I see. Then there are the ones who want to see the pic the moment I click it. I had once encountered a 'gentleman' whenI was stalking a bird for hours to get a close up. I was lying on the field and waiting, when this character decides to flip open his new mobile and click the bird on it and throw it up and catch it in his pocket like Rajnikanth... telling me thats it dude, its simple.. Ha

there are many more who really make me laugh. One of my friends was asked to transfer the pic he just clicked on his SLR to his bluetooth enabled mobile. So much for stalking, clicking and copyright laws. Then there are the ones who ask, how did you manage to get this bird to sit still and pose for you like this. You were just lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Ya!! I got up 2 hours earlier to you and travelled that far to be lucky. A few tell, you have a good camera which clicks good images. Wanna see my RAW dump to decide on this???