Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Know your audience

Have you guys checked the latest blog stats provided by Google to your site? Check it and feel good. 
Its available under dashboard>stats.

Mine below.

Coming back to Republic of Moldova, love you guys. Thanks for visiting my blog, though its true I hadn't heard about you guys before. I know you guys have blazing fast net. This probably means you guys are done with browsing everything under the sun and had nothing better to do. So, you decided to pay me a visit. Thanks again guys. Keep visiting more often and get your country green in the map above so that I get to know where your country is.

The 100th one

Well, people have been asking me whats up off late. How have I been. What am I up to. I don't seem all that active these days, both online and offline.
Well, people, nothings up. I have been good. I am always online and invisible ,stalking some one unsuspecting.

Coming to online, I was doing some research for some purpose and found some interesting results. These were studies done for the launch of a product. I was checking market behavior to a product. This product is being launched as the next big thing for people connecting to the WWW.

So they are promising tremendous increase in speeds. I agree, as I have used the product and a minimum speed of 24Mb/s was observed. This is would increase the average speed of the nation, provided everyone goes for it. Believe it or not, US is NOT the number 1 when it comes to internet speeds.Have you heard of republic of Moldova? They come in 3rd and I had not heard of this country before

I always go to the extent of looking up stuff to see where we are back home. We fair better in terms of speeds delivered to customer per unit of money paid. Before that, several things that came to my mind were:
1. We are not people who go online all the time. I prove this with a screen shot of my usage data in the past 3 months in the US. In India I never crossed 2 GB.
2. People have other means of entertainment.
3. People are still peoples' people. (I don't know if you can understand).
4. One thing I like changed would be we need to charge for speeds delivered instead of data usage. i.e. ask a person to pay a fixed price for a speed of 2Mb/s instead of speeds up-to 2 Mb/s and 2 GB limit per month.

Speeds around the world
Where we stand
Watch out for our neighbors above and below us

My internet usage history for the last 3 months

Few screen shots with the numbers. All the images courtesy of speedtest.

PS: in case you are wondering about the title, yes this is my 100th blog post :)
100 good for nothing posts floating in the internet, wasting up the space in those 450,000 Google servers.
Well, about the title, you know.

What do I do with this much data? How do I manage? I have a paid subscription to  one of those all you can watch movie websites and I also watch shows online from my internet service providers streaming sites. :)