Thursday, November 11, 2010

Facebook is a (wo)man's best friend

Those were the days when a book (or even a dog) was a man's best friend. Now Its the Facebook. What else can you say about a relation when you share everything intimate/personal with someone (rather something). Facebook being the 'in' thing everyone wants to show off their everyday doing on it.

The comments are even more ridiculous. Any pic of a couple garners a comment of nice couple, best pair etc. Any pic of a baby gets cute kid, nice kid etc. Even puppies get comments like cute etc.
Worst part is when someone thinks their account is not active and posts another picture of the couple or the baby or the puppy, and get comments again.

Worst was when a guy posted a pic of a new born. By new born I mean just born. He takes a pic and uploads it on facebook saying welcome to this world, you are now 5 minutes old. It looked more like people plan not only about the kid but also plan what to post on facebook.
The worst is yet to come when people say 'Hey, my FB has been inactive for long. Let's have a baby and post a pic on facebook'