Thursday, May 26, 2011

A drive to remember

As you know I have been driving to and from office everyday. It's a 35 minute drive. After a couple of weeks I got bored and started to do some things to keep me awake. This is one such incident.

I started observing the drivers in whichever vehicle was driving behind me. Once I saw a nice, good looking, young, (other adjectives are toned down here) lady behind me. To show off I started speeding as I was in front of her. Being a good sport, as all girls are, she too chased me. She had a good car, infact a better car. After a couple of signals we were on the express-way and now was my time for real show-off. I sped a good 20 miles over the limit and she was still on my heels. After a while she switched on her police lights indicating me to stop :) Ofcourse she had the complete history of my 15 minute drive with all the speed violations.

Disclaimer: The above story may or may not be true. It might or might not have happened to me. I might or might not have oggled at the lady in the car behind me. All this may or may not be my imagination. All in all you should or should not believe anything written here over a period of time. I may or may not have got a speeding ticket. I may or may not have paid the ticket yet.