Friday, January 20, 2012

Calling a fatty a fatty

Just a reality check to see if I am on track for a full marathon this year. I feel I am not yet ready. This is mainly because my legs give up around 20-23K range. I have a half marathon next Sunday at Mangalore. As part of training I am doing 10K almost 4 times a week.

A group of enthusiasts got together this wednesday and having nothing else to do talked about running to work. i thought this was due to recession/slowing markets :0. Soon they turned serious and today we ran our first half marathon to office. I did a decent 21K in 2.15hr. this is almost an improvement by 1hr considering my timing from the Bangalore ultra. We started at 5:45 this morning and had to reach office by 8:00AM because our dress code is enforced after 8:00AM. We would end up paying a 200Rs if we miss this deadline. I realised that not having any stops in the run helps a lot. I did the 21k non-stop. The 1K from wipro gate 16 to my office in 15mins, walking. I carried 1/2lt of water mixed with lemon+salt+sugar. Having small sips throught out the run helped me run non-stop.

After the run we met at the food court to restore our carbos :). Thats when I asked the professional runner in our group what should I do this remaining 1 week to train for the 1/2 marathon in Mangalore. He suggested a few techniques for muscle strengthening. This was when he told me dont run a downward slope. You are a little bit over weight and might end up hurthing your knees. if that happens you cannot run the 1/2 marathon you are planning. Finally somebody told me I am over-weight. Comments section might be automatically disabled for any further comments stressing the point that I am a fatty.